2016 News
Friday January 29, 2016  RiverNorth Press Release
RiverNorth Funds January 2016 Distributions
2015 News
Thursday December 31, 2015  RiverNorth Press Release
RiverNorth Funds December 2015 Distributions
Thursday December 24, 2015  RiverNorth
RiverNorth Opportunities Fund, Inc. Launched
Wednesday December 2, 2015  RiverNorth Press Release
RiverNorth Announces Four New Hires
Monday November 30, 2015  RiverNorth Press Release
RiverNorth Funds November 2015 Distributions
Friday October 30, 2015  RiverNorth Press Release
RiverNorth Funds October 2015 Distributions
Wednesday October 28, 2015  RiverNorth Press Release
Effective 11.13.15, the RiverNorth/DoubleLine Strategic Income Fund will close to new investors  PDF 
Friday October 23, 2015  Investment News
CEFs trading at steepest discounts in eight years as investors sell ahead of rate increase
Wednesday September 30, 2015  RiverNorth Press Release
RiverNorth Funds September 2015 Distributions
Saturday September 19, 2015  Barron's
Smart Strategies for Income Investors Now
Monday August 31, 2015  RiverNorth Press Release
RiverNorth Funds August 2015 Distributions
Monday August 31, 2015  Yahoo Finance
Market turmoil kicks up opportunity in deeply discounted funds
Friday July 31, 2015  RiverNorth Press Release
RiverNorth Funds July 2015 Distributions
Tuesday June 30, 2015  RiverNorth Press Release
RiverNorth Funds June 2015 Distributions
Thursday June 25, 2015  RiverNorth Press Release
Philip Bartow Joins RiverNorth To Oversee Marketplace Lending Strategy
Friday May 29, 2015  RiverNorth Press Release
RiverNorth Funds May 2015 Distributions
Thursday April 30, 2015  RiverNorth Press Release
RiverNorth Funds April 2015 Distributions
Wednesday April 29, 2015  RiverNorth Press Release
RiverNorth Receives 2015 Lipper Award
Tuesday March 31, 2015  RiverNorth Press Release
RiverNorth Funds March 2015 Distributions
Friday February 27, 2015  RiverNorth Press Release
RiverNorth Funds February 2015 Distributions
Friday January 30, 2015  RiverNorth Press Release
RiverNorth Funds January 2015 Distributions
Tuesday January 6, 2015  Wall Street Journal
Fund Turns Fed Angst to Its Advantage
2014 News
Wednesday December 31, 2014  RiverNorth Funds
RiverNorth Funds 2014 Year-End Distributions  PDF 
Saturday September 13, 2014  Barron's
When Buying Closed-End Funds Makes Sense
Monday August 11, 2014  RiverNorth Press Release
RiverNorth Launches Core Opportunity Fund I-Share Class
Saturday July 19, 2014  Barron's
Searching for Bargains in Closed-End Funds
Wednesday June 11, 2014
Bargains in Closed-End Funds?
Sunday June 1, 2014
Observer Fund Profile: RiverNorth/Oaktree High Income Fund
Friday May 30, 2014  RiverNorth Funds
RiverNorth May 2014 Distributions  PDF 
Tuesday May 20, 2014
The Cheap Pimco Fund That Has Gross Reaching for His Wallet
Wednesday April 30, 2014  RiverNorth Funds
RiverNorth April 2014 Distributions  PDF 
Saturday April 5, 2014  Barron's
New Opportunities in Closed-End Funds
Monday March 31, 2014  RiverNorth Funds
RiverNorth March 2014 Distributions  PDF 
Friday February 28, 2014  RiverNorth Funds
RiverNorth February 2014 Distributions  PDF 
Monday February 24, 2014
Equity Discounts
2013 News
Wednesday October 16, 2013  Boston Globe
Closed-End Funds Offer Bargains to Careful Buyers
Tuesday October 15, 2013  Financial Advisor
RiverNorth Sees Opportunities In Closed-End Funds
Tuesday October 15, 2013  New York Times
Closed-End Funds Offer Bargains to Careful Buyers
Sunday October 6, 2013  Wall Street Journal
Bond Fund Sees Closed-End Bargains
Tuesday September 3, 2013  RiverNorth Funds
Rivernorth/Doubleline Strategic Income Fund Reopens  PDF 
Friday August 30, 2013  Investment News
A Rare Gundlach Fund Opens Up
Friday July 5, 2013  Forbes
Closed-End Fund Discounts May Have Gotten Ahead Of Bernanke's Warnings
Wednesday May 8, 2013  Kiplinger
A Wise Entry to Closed-End Funds
Wednesday January 23, 2013  Pensions & Investments
RiverNorth signs Oaktree Capital for new mutual fund
Friday January 18, 2013  AdvisorOne
Top Portfolio Products: Fidelity to Disclose Additional Money-Market Fund Data
Thursday January 17, 2013  Barron's
RiverNorth, Oaktree Team Up On High Yield Fund
Thursday January 17, 2013  RiverNorth Funds
RiverNorth Launches High Income Fund With Oaktree  PDF 
2012 News
Tuesday August 7, 2012  RiverNorth Funds
RiverNorth Launches Dividend Income Fund with Manning & Napier  PDF 
Wednesday March 7, 2012  Barron's
RiverNorth Seeks Value in Discounted Closed-End Funds
Wednesday February 22, 2012  Investment News
White-hot bond fund going dark to new investors
Wednesday February 22, 2012  RiverNorth Funds
RiverNorth/DoubleLine Strategic Income Fund Closes to New Investors  PDF 
Wednesday February 22, 2012  AdvisorOne
RiverNorth to Soft Close Gundlach Strategic Opportunity Fund
Thursday January 19, 2012  RiverNorth Funds
RiverNorth Core Opportunity Fund (RNCOX) Marks 5th Anniversary as Best Performing Fund in Morningstar Moderate Allocation Category Over Past 5 Years  PDF 
Wednesday January 18, 2012  RiverNorth Funds
RiverNorth/DoubleLine Strategic Income Fund Marks 1-Year Anniversary with Top Percentile Performance  PDF 
2011 News
Tuesday November 15, 2011  AdvisorOne
Brian Schmucker of RiverNorth on Closed End Funds: Schwab Impact Video
Thursday September 22, 2011  Seeking Alpha
Rivernorth Core Opportunity Fund: Capitalizing On CEF Pricing Inefficiencies
Saturday August 20, 2011  Barron's
The New Dream Team
Thursday August 18, 2011  AdvisorOne
Retail Investors Turn to Closed-End Funds
Thursday June 2, 2011  Institutional Investor
Closed-End Funds Offer Discount Exposure to Top Managers
Wednesday May 18, 2011  RiverNorth Funds
RiverNorth Core Opportunity Fund (RNCOX) Closes to New Investors  PDF 
Wednesday May 11, 2011  RiverNorth Funds
RiverNorth/DoubleLine Strategic Income Fund Exceeds $100 Million  PDF 
Monday April 18, 2011  Investment News
Gundlach, RiverNorth team to offer 'alternative' fixed-income fund
Sunday April 10, 2011  AdvisorOne
February Yields Mostly Positive Results for Closed-End Funds
Tuesday March 29, 2011  Kiplinger
A New Way to Invest in Closed-End Funds
Wednesday March 23, 2011  Morningstar
Equity Closed-End Funds at a Tipping Point
Thursday March 17, 2011  AdvisorOne
RiverNorth-Jeffrey Gundlach Fund Attracts Nearly $50 Million in Assets
Thursday February 17, 2011  Morningstar
Where the Fixed-Income Closed-End Fund Opportunities Lie
Friday February 11, 2011  Morningstar
Debunking Five Closed-End Fund Rules of Thumb
Wednesday January 19, 2011
DoubleLine Tactically Aligns with a Chitown Manager
Wednesday January 19, 2011  RiverNorth Funds
RiverNorth Launches Strategic Income Fund with DoubleLine  PDF 
Tuesday January 11, 2011  AdvisorOne
The Volatile Ride of Closed-End Funds in 2010
2010 News
Friday October 1, 2010  AdvisorOne
The Closed-End Fund Alpha Opportunity: Skittish Asset Prices
Tuesday July 6, 2010  Morningstar
Three Catalysts That Narrow Closed-End Fund Discounts
Thursday June 24, 2010  Investment News
10 Investments to help your clients retire on time
Wednesday June 2, 2010  Barron's
Markdowns in May's Maelstrom
Saturday May 1, 2010  Investment Advisor
The Up Side of Fear and Greed
Sunday April 25, 2010  Investment News
Finding value in the ARS wreckage
Sunday April 18, 2010  Investment News
RiverNorth Capital's Patrick Galley: Closed-end fund space on a roll
Wednesday April 7, 2010  Ticker
Opportunistic Investing in Closed-End Funds
Tuesday March 16, 2010  RiverNorth Funds
RiverNorth Launches Closed-End Fund Index  PDF 
Monday February 8, 2010  Investment News
RiverNorth's Patrick Galley: Hot spots in closed-end funds
Tuesday January 26, 2010  Investment News
RiverNorth Capital's Patrick Galley: Secured bank loan assets still look good
Tuesday January 12, 2010  RiverNorth Funds
RiverNorth Ranks #1 in Category For Three-Year Performance  PDF 
2009 News
Tuesday December 1, 2009  Forbes
Capturing Alpha With Closed-End Funds
Friday October 30, 2009  The Street
Closed-End Funds Sell for Bargain Prices
Friday October 16, 2009  Investment News
Investors' psyches will be 'wild card' determining market rally or retreat
Tuesday October 13, 2009  Smart Money
Stocks Stay Muted as Buyers Step Back
Friday October 2, 2009  Smart Money
When Will the Dow Hit 10,000? Our Poll
Thursday October 1, 2009  Registered Rep
Rollercoaster Returns
Tuesday September 29, 2009  The Street
Stocks Bargain Basement Is Empty, O'Neill Says
Tuesday September 29, 2009  CNN Money
Market is pulling down the shorts
Friday September 11, 2009  Motley Fool
The Right Place to Look for Great Value
Sunday September 6, 2009  Investment News
Closed-end funds offer opportunity, warrant scrutiny
Tuesday August 25, 2009  Chicago Business
Video: Demystifying Closed-End Funds
Monday August 24, 2009  Barron's
Be Choosy About Closed-End Equity Funds
Tuesday August 11, 2009  Barron's
Chasing This Year's Fund Stars Could Be Risky
Thursday July 30, 2009  Wall Street Journal
WellCare Gets Better; Gulf Island Sinks 9.8%
Saturday July 11, 2009  Barron's
Second Quarter 2009 Leaders & Laggards