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The RiverNorth Closed-End Fund ("CEF") Index is an equal weighted index of 75 taxable closed-end funds. The rules-based index has two objectives: 1) to ensure the index constituents provide asset class exposures similar to the broader taxable closed-end fund market, and, 2) to ensure the index constituents have trading liquidity. To accomplish these objectives, the RiverNorth methodology weights the asset classes based on their respective net asset values within the taxable closed-end fund market and second, selects the most liquid closed-end funds within each asset class, and equally weights each security to represent the asset class in the index. The index is rebalanced annually on June 30th.

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Performance as of 3.31.2024

1 Month 3 Month 1 Year 3 Year Weighted
RiverNorth Taxable CEF Index (Price) Performance 3.68% 8.09% 15.92% 4.18% -4.52%
RiverNorth Taxable CEF Index (NAV) Performance 2.82% 4.99% 15.25% 5.31% - -

Index Returns as of 3.31.2024

Average Discount1 as of 3.31.2024

Asset Class Weightings as of 3.31.2024

Asset Class Allocation
Specialized Equity 17.13%
US Equity 12.05%
Covered Call 11.72%
All Hybrid 9.78%
Preferreds 6.94%
Bank Loans 6.73%
Multi-Sector 6.63%
High Yield 6.46%
Real Estate 4.02%
Global Income 3.98%
Investment Grade 3.97%
Global Equity 2.69%
Non-US Equity 2.61%
Convertibles 2.51%
Emerging Income 1.44%
Limited Duration 1.34%
Specialized Equity 17.13%
US Equity 12.05%
Covered Call 11.72%
All Hybrid 9.78%
Preferreds 6.94%
Bank Loans 6.73%
Multi-Sector 6.63%
High Yield 6.46%
Real Estate 4.02%
Global Income 3.98%
Investment Grade 3.97%
Global Equity 2.69%
Non-US Equity 2.61%
Convertibles 2.51%
Emerging Income 1.44%
Limited Duration 1.34%

Constituents as of 3.31.2024

Symbol Weighting Fund Name
PDX 1.66%PIMCO Dynamic Income Strategy Fund
IFN 1.58%India Fund Inc
FEI 1.58%First Trust MLP & Energy Income Fund
KYN 1.54%Kayne Anderson Energy Infrastructure Fund, Inc.
ADX 1.49%Adams Diversified Equity Fund Inc Shs
FFC 1.47%Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred and Income Securities Fund Incorporated
VVR 1.45%Invesco Senior Income Trust
OXLC 1.45%Oxford Lane Capital Corp
EMD 1.44%Western Asset Emerging Markets Debt Fund Inc
JQC 1.44%Nuveen Credit Strategies Income Fund
JPC 1.43%Nuveen Preferred & Income Opportunities Fund of Benef Interest
USA 1.42%Liberty All Star Equity Fund
EOD 1.42%Allspring Global Dividend Opportunity Fund of Benef Interest
HYT 1.41%BlackRock Corporate High Yield Fund Inc
CSQ 1.41%Calamos Strategic Total Return Fund
PDT 1.41%John Hancock Premium Dividend Fund
BCAT 1.41%BlackRock Capital Allocation Term Trust
WDI 1.40%Western Asset Diversified Income Fund Registeredof Benef Interest
NBXG 1.39%Neuberger Berman Next Generation Connectivity Fund Inc
CHW 1.39%Calamos Global Dynamic Income Fund
RIV 1.39%RiverNorth Opportunities Fund, Inc.
RVT 1.39%Royce Value Trust Inc
DHF 1.38%BNY Mellon High Yield Strategies Fund of Benef Interest
ECC 1.38%Eagle Point Credit Co., Inc.
DSL 1.38%DoubleLine Income Solutions Fund
NML 1.38%Neuberger Berman Energy Infrastructure and Income Fund Inc.
BGR 1.37%BlackRock Energy and Resources Trust
PDI 1.37%PIMCO Dynamic Income Fund
PTY 1.37%PIMCO Corporate & Income Opportunity Fund
DHY 1.37%Credit Suisse High Yield Bond Fund
BST 1.37%BlackRock Science & Technology Trust
IGR 1.37%CBRE Global Real Estate Income Fund
PTA 1.36%Cohen & Steers Tax-Advantaged Preferred Securities and Income Fund
BSTZ 1.36%BlackRock Science and Technology Term Trust of Benef Interest
FAX 1.36%abrdn Asia-Pacific Income Fund, Inc.
ETY 1.36%Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Diversified Equity Income Fund
PFN 1.36%PIMCO Income Strategy Fund II
BTZ 1.35%BlackRock Credit Allocation Income Trust
EVV 1.34%Eaton Vance Limited Duration Income Fund
NFJ 1.33%Virtus Dividend. Interest & Premium Strategy Fund of Beneficial Interest
AWP 1.33%abrdn Global Premier Properties Fund
GLO 1.33%Clough Global Opportunities Fund
RQI 1.32%Cohen & Steers Quality Income Realty Fund Inc Quality Income Realty Fund
GGN 1.32%GAMCO Global Gold. Natural Resources & Income Trust
IGD 1.32%Voya Global Equity Dividend and Premium Opportunity Fund
BIGZ 1.32%BlackRock Innovation and Growth Term Trust
EXG 1.31%Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Diversified Equity Income Fund
PHK 1.29%Pimco High Income Fund
ETJ 1.29%Eaton Vance Risk-Managed Diversified Equity Income Fund
ETV 1.29%Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Buy-Write Opportunities Fund
ASG 1.29%Liberty All-Star Growth Fund Inc
CIK 1.28%Credit Suisse Asset Management Income Fund Inc
BGY 1.28%BlackRock Enhanced International Dividend Trust of Benef Interest
CRF 1.28%Cornerstone Total Return Fund Inc
AOD 1.28%abrdn Total Dynamic Dividend Fund
ETW 1.27%Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Buy-Write Opportunities Fund
BMEZ 1.27%BlackRock Health Sciences Term Trust
UTF 1.27%Cohen & Steers Infrastructure Fund, Inc.
BDJ 1.27%BlackRock Enhanced Equity Dividend Trust
FPF 1.26%First Trust Intermediate Duration Preferred & Income Fund
NCZ 1.26%Virtus Convertible & Income Fund II Beneficial Interest
BCX 1.26%BlackRock Resources & Commodities Strategy Trust
NCV 1.26%Virtus Convertible & Income Fund of Beneficial Interest
UTG 1.25%Reaves Utility Income Fund
BKT 1.25%Blackrock Income Trust Inc
MIN 1.24%MFS Intermediate Income Trust
CLM 1.24%Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund Inc
GAB 1.24%Gabelli Equity Trust Inc
GOF 1.21%Guggenheim Strategic Opportunities Fund
ZTR 1.20%Virtus Total Return Fund Inc
DNP 1.10%DNP Select Income Fund Inc
GUT 1.06%Gabelli Utility Trust
TDF 1.03%Templeton Dragon Fund Inc
RA 1.01%Brookfield Real Assets Income Fund Inc of Benef. Interest
HFRO 1.00%Highland Opportunities and Income Fund


The index was created and developed by RiverNorth Capital Management, LLC. RiverNorth does not guarantee the accuracy or the completeness of the index or any data included therein and RiverNorth shall have no liability for any errors, omissions or interruptions therein. RiverNorth makes no warranty, express or implied, as to results to be obtained by any person or entity from the use of the index or any data included therein. RiverNorth makes no express or implied warranties, and expressly disclaims all warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use with respect to the index or any data included therein. Without limiting any of the foregoing, in no event shall RiverNorth have any liability for any special, punitive, direct, indirect or consequential damages (including lost profits) arising out of matters relating to the use of the index, even if notified of the possibility of such damages.

The historical values above have not been verified by an independent third party. The historical performance data is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the actual performance of any investment product. No representation is being made that any investment will achieve performance similar to that shown. The index does not charge management fees or brokerage expenses, and no such fees or expenses were deducted from the historical performance shown. The index is unmanaged and an investor cannot invest directly in the index.

Performance information for the index is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the performance of any actual investment. The historical performance of the price and NAV of the index should not be taken as an indication of future performance, and no assurance can be given as to the index's value on any date. The data for the historical performance of the index was calculated on materially the same basis on which the performance of the index is now calculated.

1 Discounts are the result of a closed-end fund’s market price deviating from its Net Asset Value (NAV).